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Train with Technology

Analyze. Learn. Perform.

Golf Performance Lab strives to provide the highest level of instruction available. We are able to do this by having the absolute best tools available for each and every student.

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GC Quad

The GC Quad is a high resolution, camera-based launch monitor that precisely measures every aspect of the club head and ball launch performance. By capturing thousands of images per second, it builds a virtual 3D model and analyzes the multitude of data components to create the most accurate and complete analysis of your golf performance.

Blast Putting

Blast Motion’s proprietary algorithms capture natural motion, allowing it to intelligently understand the difference between real and practice strokes. Blast Golf uses Bluetooth Smart technology sensors to transmit accurate and meaningful analytics to smartphones or tablets during practice or play. Blast Motion shows detailed data of the player’s tempo, swing length, rate of clubface rotation, and much more. This data is provided in real time after every stroke or swing for instant player feedback.

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Swing Catalyst

The Swing Catalyst is a video analysis software system that uses high-speed cameras for slow-motion playback, video overlay and side by side comparison (captures the swing from “face on” and “Down the Line” ) for optimal feedback for players.


K-Coach allows a player to capture lab quality 3D data to help them understand how their body moves in 3-Dimensional space. This data allows the player to track the efficiency of their movement and at what rate they are moving. The data is provided in the form of a number, visual representation of their body, and graphs that can be compared to the data of a “tour quality” model. The player can then make that connection between what he sees, feels, and what the data is relaying to get feedback in real time on every swing.



BodiTrak is a pressure mapping software system that provides data on pressure generated during the golf swing in all directions (side to side, heel to toe, down and up)

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