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Prepare to Play

“GP Lab applies technology & science to the art of playing golf.”

GP Lab is an all inclusive coaching experience for golfers of all levels. Our coaches provide accurate feedback and data to effectively train our students. There isn’t a single mold to success and this principle especially applies to golf instruction. We provide a personalized coaching approach to uniquely fit each student.

Plan Your Success

GP Lab caters to all levels of golfers. Our unique assessment protocol gives each individual a ‘head to toe’ analysis to create a custom tailored program, helping them achieve their desired goals. Our facility provides an all inclusive experience to provide our students with accurate data and solutions. The pillars highlighted in our ‘Core of Excellence’ allows us to highlight the root of every issue so that the individual can apply their efforts in the correct direction. Our technology also allows us to gather and monitor that data without any oversight. We’ve all heard that hard work and spending countless hours equals success, but GP Lab believes purpose and direction takes precedence in the path for improvement.

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